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What Is Post-Vacation Syndrome And How Can We Deal With It?

Surely you have had that feeling of sadness and discomfort after a vacation period and yet you probably didn’t know this is “a thing”. In order to handle with this stage and these emotions it is necessary that you first know what you are dealing with. Post-vacation syndrome is the cause of all these feelings and discomforts, it is defined as the state that occurs in a person, mainly in a worker, in which he fails trying to adapt to the rhythm of life he had before a period of vacation. Although this does not seem to be the case, it is quite common in people who, after having just had a vacation period, find it difficult to take on their daily responsibilities and tasks again. 

This syndrome refers to a state of generic malaise that has psychological and physical symptoms and regularly affects young people, under 45 years, however there are certain cases in which children can also be affected on their return to school after a long summer vacation, it is for this reason that many children can lower their performance in school when they return, although in reality in minors is less common, as most of them feel comfortable with school. 

Some of the most common symptoms of this syndrome are tiredness, fatigue, lack of sleep, muscle aches, lack of appetite, lack of concentration, sadness, lack of interest, nervousness, among others. 

There are some tips that can help you feel better and prevent this syndrome. The first is to avoid prolonging your vacation and returning a day before having to return to your daily work, take time at least 1 day or 2, where you also have the opportunity to accommodate, adapt and mentalize to your daily life, this way you will have more time to assimilate the change and it will cost less effort. It is also important to plan your return in the best possible way in which you do not have so much stress or worry, for this is necessary to think about hiring San Diego airport transportation, so that you have less stress and can reach your destination without having to worry about traffic, parking, and so on. 

It is also recommended to look for leisure activities that are compatible with work so that the change is not so abrupt and can completely adapt to the new rhythm of life without any problem. Trying to have a positive attitude can help greatly in this process of adaptation, to overcome it faster and easier, without any problem. Doing physical exercise can also be useful in this adaptation process, because as we know exercise helps relax the body and get rid of all the stress that we keep or we can opt for other types of activities, such as yoga, this can help us relax physically and mentally in a more effective way and without any problem. 

There is no medicine that can help with this syndrome, everything is in our hands, however by following these tips you can reduce the symptoms or even prevent it. Remember, mental health is also important and must be taken care of.