Taking care of your skin

This is undoubtedly one of the things that people look for most when they are going to have a special event, and that is that the desire to wear a radiant skin without imperfections is undoubtedly a synonym of beauty and perfection. Many times it is necessary to resort to a professional who knows about the structure of the skin will know that the answer to our question is: a deep facial cleansing.

To carry out this treatment, it is necessary for the person to go, as mentioned, to a professional (cosmetologist or dermatologist) so that he can select the products according to the type of skin. Although for many, it can be an uncomfortable treatment, we must understand that the main objective is to eliminate dead cells and impurities on the skin. Impurities can cause the skin to look unhealthy and lose its natural glow; if this accumulation of dirt and sebum is not removed, it can cause problems such as acne.

  • Talking about treatment, the following steps will be done:
  • The first step is to properly remove makeup so that the next steps to accomplish their goal.
  • The superficial cleaning will be carried out; this is using some product that allows removing the dirt of the face provoked by the environment or by the makeup.
  • The professional will place products that help to dilate the pores and will use a vaporizer. It is necessary to use steam because it will allow the pores of the face to open, and thus the extraction of comedones will be more comfortable and less painful. The duration depends but is usually around 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Once the steam time is over, you can remove the product that was put on or dry the skin a little. It is in this step where the impurities will be removed, and specialized tools do this.
  • The exfoliant can be used before or after extraction. Before for those patients who suffer from more complicated acne and after for those people who do not have so many problems. This product aims to remove dead skin cells and, in many cases, can be left on for a specific time. Facial exfoliation devices can also be used.
  • After the exfoliation or steam, a mask will be applied, either to soothe the face or to purify it.
  • After the mask, products that help improve hydration or improve the appearance of the complexion should be used. The products can penetrate the dermis employing massages or devices.
  • Once again, you can use another mask called “occlusive” that helps the properties of the products penetrate better, or you can use creams and sunscreen to finish the treatment.

These are the steps that the cosmetologist will take to significantly improve the appearance of the skin, providing the face with the nutrients it needs to look healthy and radiant. Although many of these procedures can be performed from home, it is advisable to visit someplace where a professional performs it.

This, to improve the results. And it is that we remember that it is not only about wearing the prom dress in San Antonio, but it is the set of everything, a beautiful makeup thanks to proper skin care, the right shoes and the perfect clothing for people to feel safe.