Oral problems

Have you ever felt discomfort inside your mouth?

A burning or pressing sensation in a certain area of the mouth?

If you look at the area where you have discomfort and see a kind of blister, let me tell you that it may be an aphthae, better known as a mouth ulcer. Mouth ulcers appear on the inside of the mouth and can appear on the gums, lips, tongue or cheeks. These mucosal lesions can be caused by a variety of factors.

What are mouth ulcers?

They are erosions that are characterized by having an oval shape, with a yellowish background color and white or reddish surroundings. Normally they don’t exceed 1 cm and are normally classified in three, depending on the size and duration of the lesion.

Minor ulcers – are small and don’t measure more than one centimeter, this type of affections have an approximate duration of one or two weeks and can appear from one to 5 times a year, depending on the reason why they arise. They usually do not appear in the gum area but rather in the lips or the lower part of the tongue, i.e. the base or floor of the mouth.

Major ulcers – are characterized by having a diameter exceeding one centimeter; they are usually deeper and more annoying than minor ulcers. It has an approximate healing time of between 10 days to a month, sometimes can leave a small scar. They often affect the lips and palate.

Herpetiform ulcers – Multiple papulovesicular lesions. They can be cured in 7 days or one month.

Each of the ulcers has three periods:

Vesiculous- With a diameter of 2-5 mm; in its center hardly appears the yellowish color, after the three days already appears an opacity in the affection.

Ulcer- It is the most painful phase in which the person begins to have the burning sensation. In this period the lesion sinks and tends to deepen.

Scarring – The ulcer disappears without leaving, on many occasions, a scar.

Why are they appearing?

They can appear for various reasons…

  •  Inheritance– People who have this type of affections, frequently it can be for reasons of genes.
  • Immunological factors– The decrease of lymphocytes, presence of VIH or infections.
  •  Psychological Factors– Emotional stress can cause this type of injury to the mouth as stress and other problems tend to have an effect on the immune system.
  • Trauma – Usually caused by toothbrushes, injections, certain foods that may have hard or sharp edges.
  • Nutritional deficits- Certain foods can be the cause of the outbreak of mouth ulcers, as well as a lack of iron, folic acid, or vitamins. Food as, milk, chocolate, crustaceans, flours, cheeses, among others.

How can I cure or prevent ulcers?

There is not really a specific treatment, but if there is presence of these lesions in the mouth is recommended to brush gently and thus avoid the discomfort and worsening of the condition. You can take medication to calm the pain. It is important to avoid hot foods and drinks and to stop eating spicy foods. If the discomfort persists and the appearance of ulcers is more frequent, visit dentists in Tijuana so that the dentist can treat the problem.