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Most Common Accidents In Which The Nose Gets Hurt

There are many parts of our body that can be injured in different types of accidents, however there are certain areas that are usually harmed, such as the legs, arms and nose, and the reason why this happens is because these parts are those that protrude from the body and therefore are more exposed to any type of event that may occur.  Of these parts of the body that can come to worry us most is the nose and is because everything that is in our face is very important to us, because it is the first thing that people see of us.

And in addition to aesthetic issues the nose is very important because in a few words is through it that we breathe and live, although it sounds very obvious is what it is and if there is any problem in it although we will not stop breathing if there are problems that will make it difficult for us to do so and this may bring later problems or may not simply allow us to live our lives comfortably, because the discomfort and difficulty will feel constantly. 

For this reason if we do not have any problem with the nose is important to take precautions and know which are the accidents in which we can have some kind of problem with our nose and so at least we can be prevented by doing any of these activities and avoid this way suffer an accident with our nose. 

These are some of the most common activities in which there may be some type of accident with the nose: 

Practicing a contact sport 

Contact sports are those that many people like the most, especially boys, however these sports if not practiced as it should be and with proper precautions can end badly, but also people who practice them know beforehand that it is a risky sport in which inadvertently at any time can occur some accident. Some examples of contact sports are the following: 


This is one of the most practiced martial arts in Mexico, this is given blows such as kicks and blows with closed fist and as you improve the person who practices are given ribbons of different colors, being the black belt the highest level.  


Taekwondo is another of the most practiced martial arts in the country, this is very similar to karate only that this is characterized by being a self-defense technique and also consists more of blows on the legs than in any other area of the body. 


This is one of the most famous sports in Mexico and consists of fighting inside a ring with gloves in different rounds and although there are rules is also likely to suffer an accident in this. 

Participate in a physical fight 

This can always have serious consequences, on the nose as in many other parts, but a bad blow to the face can cause a fractured nose and subsequent problems that we certainly want to avoid, so getting involved in a physical fight will never be a good idea. 

A fall 

This is something we cannot avoid, however it is important to know that when suffering a fall is important to try to put our hands to avoid contact of our face with the ground, because if this happens the first thing that will suffer the impact will be the nose and unfortunately this can fracture and cause breathing problems, so we must be cautious. 

A broken nose can cause pain, swelling and breathing problems, there are also people who have these problems of birth, so they can turn to a rhinoplasty in Tijuana and thus avoid future problems. However, it will always be important that we take our precautions and avoid any type of situation in which we are at risk of suffering some type of accident like this.