Massage After Surgery?

While it may sound strange to many that massage is available after surgery, it is not uncommon. Many surgeons recommend that patients, after a surgical procedure such as gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico, go to a specific clinic that offers lymphatic drainage treatment. It is essential that, when choosing a clinic, patients make sure that the people who will perform the massage are trained to perform this massage.

What is lymphatic drainage?

It is a therapy that consists of mobilizing the superficial lymphatic system; let’s remember that this system is in charge of draining the toxins that can be found in the body. Although this massage can be done with some device, usually, many people choose to do it manually since they can control the movements and the weight that is used. Unlike other massages, the movements used in lymphatic drainage are gentle and go in favor of the channels where the lymph circulates, to move the stagnant lymph to the deposits.

Are there different lymphatic drainage massages?

Just as mentioned, there are those massages performed manually and those that use some particular device. But, indeed, there is always a preference for those that are performed manually since, according to surgeons, better results can be achieved much more quickly. As far as massage with the use of special devices is concerned, these devices help stimulate the critical points in lymphatic drainage. The doctor will decide to tell the patient, which would be the best option according to the state of the patient.

What benefits does lymphatic drainage bring to surgical procedures?

Since a lot of manipulation has been done in the body, toxins produced by the body at the time and after surgery must be eliminated. The lymphatic system is closely linked to the immune system, which is why a lot of attention is paid to it after surgery to avoid the accumulation of substances that the body does not need and to prevent diseases. One of the most noticeable changes when performing the lymphatic drainage massage is that the swelling produced by the surgery disappears, so the skin returns to its original shape, adapting better to the new body structures.

How can the person know if the lymphatic drainage is working?

Firstly, the patient must go to a professional lymphatic drainage practitioner, because if he or she goes to any clinic that offers this and the workers don’t know the structure of the massage, it can be quite contradictory for the patient to delay the recovery process. One of the best indicators to know if the massage is well done is that after a few days, the bruises are disappearing. On the other hand, when the massage is not being performed correctly, the person will be able to visualize that certain parts of the body are becoming inflamed. This is because, at the time of treatment, the toxins were not deposited in the indicated areas.

How can lymphatic drainage massage be improved?

For better results, it is essential that the patient not only attends massage sessions but that recovery is accompanied by a special diet that helps improve the healing process, as well as physical activities that allow the body to adapt to its new conditions. At this point in the exercise, it is essential to discuss it with the surgeon so that the specialist can indicate which activities can be performed.