Liposculpture In Men

As more and more taboos about surgery are being broken, men have begun to enter this field of plastic surgery. Mainly to undergo fat removal procedures, such as the gastric sleeve in Tijuana. Although this type of treatment has become popular in the male sector, another method that has attracted men’s attention is liposculpture. Mainly because using this surgical intervention, men obtain the appearance they desire so much.

What Is Liposculpture?

The primary purpose of this treatment is to eliminate the fat deposits found in certain areas, which damage the body’s appearance. These areas are mainly the abdomen, the waist, and the lower back. With liposculpture, the presence of the man will be more contoured, but the muscles in the treated areas will be much more marked.

For the surgeon to proceed with the operation, it is necessary first to assess which areas are most affected by the fat, what type of procedure is most convenient, and to perform tracing on the body where it is specified where the treatment will be performed. Once this process is completed, the surgeon in charge will apply local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s situation. Once the person is under anesthesia, small incisions will be made to introduce the cannula and start with the suctioning of the fat deposits.

It is essential that, during the whole procedure, the surgeon is in direct contact with the patient’s skin so that he can feel the areas where the fat is being suctioned. Many people opt for this procedure since, when the fat is removed from the abdominal area, the muscles in the area look much more marked, achieving a more athletic appearance.

Once the procedure is completed, the surgeon’s team will place girdles or bandages on the manipulated area; this way, the skin will be placed on the muscle more quickly, the formation of bruises and fluid retention will be avoided. Many times, it will be necessary for the patient to go to special massages so that the toxins can be drained from the body. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, the incisions made will not require stitches since the cuts are tiny and do not pose a health problem for the person.

What is post-operative care?

  • To improve the circulation of the whole body, the patient must take short walks so that the blood will circulate without any problem.
  • Since the body is in recovery, sudden movements should be avoided since they can damage the recovery process and cause pain.
  • For the patient to heal correctly, without any problem, he or she must follow the surgeon’s instructions, mainly in terms of medication
  • When the patient performs his/her body washes, it is essential to prevent soap or water from falling into the treated areas.
  • After the surgery, the person must regularly attend with the surgeon so that the specialist can evaluate the progress.
  • The patient must undergo a special diet that will be recommended by the surgeon. Once the recovery is complete, the person will have to establish a diet adapted to the needs of the body.

Is The Recovery Painful?

During the first few days, the patient may feel that he has done a lot of exercises, so the muscles may hurt a little. That is why it is crucial to take the recommended medication. After the fifth day, this feeling will gradually disappear. If the person presents discomfort or feels that the recovery process is very painful, it is essential to go to the surgeon who performed the procedure.