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Differences Between Plastic, Aesthetic And Reconstructive Surgery

It is important that people who wish to undergo surgery keep in mind that in the area of surgical interventions there are different variants that start from the goal of surgery, which is to help patients improve their well-being. Plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that is divided into several fields, which are: plastic, aesthetic and restorative.

Aesthetic surgery:

The purpose of this subcategory is to help the patient improve the physical appearance of the person, in order to increase the self-esteem of the individual, as well as their desires regarding the appearance of their image. Although the purpose of cosmetic surgery focuses on modifying through surgical interventions the parts of the body that do not meet the patient’s satisfaction, there is also a certain percentage of these operations that are performed under 100% medical reason.

It is necessary that people who wish to perform these types of operations take into account that these surgeries can only be performed by surgeons who have that specialty, this because it is not only a simple intervention, but is to modify the appearance of the person, which requires the experience of a good surgeon. In spite of the fact that the percentage of women who undergo this type of procedure is higher, around 80%; nowadays it is common for men to be more interested in this subject than in past years. The constant concern to look good has caused these interventions to be the most performed, to the extent that, in Mexico, all the treatments that arise from cosmetic surgery, are the most demanded have.

Some of the procedures are:

Abdominoplasty – Reaffirmation of the abdomen.
Breast implants – This through the insertion of implants based on saline solution or silicone gel.
Reductive Mammoplasty
Rhinoplasty: To modify the appearance of the nose.
Liposuction: Removal of excess fat using a suction device.
Brazilian but lift Tijuana: liposuction from the arms, full back, abdomen, flanks, hips, inner thighs and part of the obtained fat is transferred to the buttocks.
Facial Fillers

Reconstructive surgery:

Unlike cosmetic surgery, this branch of plastic surgery focuses on restoring those ravages caused by accidents, burns, disease, trauma or poorly performed surgeries.  It is not so much a matter of improving the physical appearance of the person, but rather that the damaged area complies with its biological functions. The most common procedures in this area are:

Breast reconstruction – focused primarily on women who have had a mastectomy.
Foot and hand surgery- to help the area affected by tumors or webbed fingers, additional fingers or any syndrome that damages the movement of these two parts of the body.
Facial surgeries – correction of cleft lip, breathing problems due to fractures in the nose.

Plastic surgery:

As previously mentioned, it is the general branch from which aesthetics and construction are divided. Because of this, it is common for people to relate this type of operations as plastic. Similarly, many surgeons handle this term within their clinics, but it is important to always go with specialists in the area, in order to ensure that your health is in good hands.