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Cosmetic Surgery Downtime and Recovery Time

Recovery time is, no doubt, one of the main concerns of patients who are planning to undergo cosmetic surgery Tijuana. Patients are interested to know in particular how long it is going to take before they could go back to their normal daily routine.

As far as the healing or downtime after a cosmetic surgery procedure is concerned, you need to take note of four primary things:

  • The recovery time differs from one patient to another and is also dependent on various factors such as the general health condition of the patient and the cosmetic surgical procedure itself. You can use the estimates as the starting point. It is also best if you ask your cosmetic surgeon regarding the recovery time expected from the specific procedure you want to get. 
  • If the responsibilities in your job include some strenuous physical tasks such as being on your feet for an extended period or lifting heavy objects. You have to wait for a bit longer than the average downtime periods. 
  • When planning for the procedure, it would be better if you plan things more conservatively. Try to schedule more off-time compared to the estimated recovery time given by your surgeon. If ever the expected time of recovery is one week, you might want to reserve 2 weeks of your schedule. It will save you from any stress associated with sudden unexpected delays. 
  • If the procedure you will undergo is quite obvious to family, friends, or colleagues, specifically facial cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, or facelift surgery, you might have extra social concerns as the result of the procedure’s bruising nature. Take note that it might take much longer compared to the below times before the swelling and bruising subside entirely.

The average downtime and recovery time for some of the most popular procedures of cosmetic surgery Tijuana is as follows:

  • Breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, labiaplasty, smart lipo/liposuction, arm lift surgery, gynecomastia, otoplasty or ear surgery – 1 week
  • Neck lift, chin augmentation, brow lift – 1 to 2 weeks
  • Eyelid surgery, facelift, thigh lift – 2 weeks
  • Mommy makeover, body lift, tummy tuck – 3 to 4 weeks 

Tips to Speed Up Your Healing Process

Patients can do a few things to accelerate their recovery and healing process. While each person can heal at a uniquely different way, there are actions proven to help in decreasing the recovery periods after undergoing cosmetic surgery Tijuana. These include the following:

  • Eat properly and drink lots of water after your procedure. Balanced and proper nutrition and hydration can help your body heal much faster. 
  • Follow every instruction after the procedure as given by your cosmetic surgeon. It includes instructions on how to wear protective garments and how to take care of the incision sites. 
  • Stress can hinder the healing ability of the body. Make sure that you have enough support coming from your family or friends and practice techniques to reduce stress. There are cosmetic surgery Tijuana procedures that require the help of a dedicated caregiver during the initial 48 hours following the procedure.