What Is Post-Vacation Syndrome And How Can We Deal With It?

Surely you have had that feeling of sadness and discomfort after a vacation period and yet you probably didn’t know this is “a thing”. In order to handle with this stage and these emotions it is necessary that you first know what you are dealing with. Post-vacation syndrome is the cause of all these feelings and discomforts, it is defined as the state that occurs in a person, mainly in a worker, in which he fails trying to adapt to the rhythm of life he had before a period of vacation. Although this does not seem to be the case, it is quite common in people who, after having just had a vacation period, find it difficult to take on their daily responsibilities and tasks again. 

This syndrome refers to a state of generic malaise that has psychological and physical symptoms and regularly affects young people, under 45 years, however there are certain cases in which children can also be affected on their return to school after a long summer vacation, it is for this reason that many children can lower their performance in school when they return, although in reality in minors is less common, as most of them feel comfortable with school. 

Some of the most common symptoms of this syndrome are tiredness, fatigue, lack of sleep, muscle aches, lack of appetite, lack of concentration, sadness, lack of interest, nervousness, among others. 

There are some tips that can help you feel better and prevent this syndrome. The first is to avoid prolonging your vacation and returning a day before having to return to your daily work, take time at least 1 day or 2, where you also have the opportunity to accommodate, adapt and mentalize to your daily life, this way you will have more time to assimilate the change and it will cost less effort. It is also important to plan your return in the best possible way in which you do not have so much stress or worry, for this is necessary to think about hiring San Diego airport transportation, so that you have less stress and can reach your destination without having to worry about traffic, parking, and so on. 

It is also recommended to look for leisure activities that are compatible with work so that the change is not so abrupt and can completely adapt to the new rhythm of life without any problem. Trying to have a positive attitude can help greatly in this process of adaptation, to overcome it faster and easier, without any problem. Doing physical exercise can also be useful in this adaptation process, because as we know exercise helps relax the body and get rid of all the stress that we keep or we can opt for other types of activities, such as yoga, this can help us relax physically and mentally in a more effective way and without any problem. 

There is no medicine that can help with this syndrome, everything is in our hands, however by following these tips you can reduce the symptoms or even prevent it. Remember, mental health is also important and must be taken care of. 

How To Have A Healthy Heart

The main organ of our body is the heart, and it is thanks to all the functions performed by this small but powerful muscle that allows us to be alive. That is why it is essential to keep it in good condition because, in many things, the type of activities we do or the poor nutrition we carry can impair the functioning of our heart. Living a healthy life helps prevent heart attacks or other diseases.

If you want to keep your heart in good shape, you can follow these recommendations:

Fruit for the heart

This type of food not only allows the heart to stay in good working order but also helps to strengthen different organs that make up our bodies. Fruits are full of nutrients such as minerals and vitamins that protect and improve the health of the body. It is recommended that every day you eat at least one fruit a day, this if you want to avoid heart problems or some imbalance in another organ. You can eat the fruit that we like the most, but we must eat at least one of these foods a day. So don’t forget to include it in your diet.

Decrease tension

The fact that the person is continuously stressed also harms the health of our heart because it raises the heart rate very quickly, thus presenting hypertension. To level the heartbeat, it is advisable to eat a balanced and healthy diet, where there are vegetables, legumes, fruits, and some animal products low in fat, to avoid high levels of cholesterol. It is also recommended that the person exercise, not necessarily have to be energetic activities. Still, you can start with the basics, which is walking.


If you are one of those people who exceed the working hours, we recommend that you really think about it. Recent research has determined that people who work more than 46 hours a week are more likely to suffer heart damage. These problems start with heart failure either by increasing the pressure or by lowering the level of pulsations.

Control your emotions

Taking care of the heart also involves taking care of your emotional stability. All the changes we experience in our feelings have a significant impact on our heart. Sadness, anger, or excessive adrenaline unbalance the functioning of our heart, making it harder for it to regulate the heart rate. Try to avoid situations that may upset you or modify your emotions. Some relaxation techniques or specific activities can be beneficial.

Healthy teeth

Taking care of teeth also helps people not have heart problems. This is because if bacteria found in the oral cavity get into the bloodstream, specifically the heart, it causes problems with its functioning. That’s why it’s essential to see a specialist who can help you treat the health of your teeth, like a dentist in Tijuana.

Rest so you’ll be alright

People who have fewer hours of rest can contract many problems that will not only be reflected in the heart but also throughout the body. Not resting causes irritability, i.e., changes in emotions. If one does not sleep, the heart will not be able to do so either, since, at the moment of sleeping, the other organs lower their functioning, helping the heart to do so in a certain way.

Say NO to cholesterol

Nutrition plays a significant role in the functioning of the heart. If a person relies on a diet high in saturated fat, it will only cause this fat to be deposited in the veins, making it difficult for blood to reach all parts of the body. To avoid this, the heart begins to make more effort, causing that, in the long term, it does not have the same energy.

By taking care of our diet, exercising, and going to a specialist, we can help our heart not suffer any disease that could put our lives at risk.

What Do You Need To Take Care Of In A Home To Stay Healthy?

You knew that the place where you live also influences your health, the place where your house is located, the conditions in which you have it, the material of which it is made and the measures and habits of cleaning that you maintain are crucial in your health and that of your family, however this is something that not many people take into account, because of this we have given ourselves the task of gathering some aspects that you need to know in order to keep you and your family healthy.

The area where the house is located is something you have to consider before buying or renting the place where you are going to live, although you are in the same city the climates vary depending on the area in which you are, there are places that are cooler, others that are drier, others that are more humid, and so on. And in each of them you have to take different care, for example in the places that are humid you have to take into account that the humidity is absorbed by the house too, if you have metal bars most likely these rust if you do not have the necessary care and also if you do not carry out a proper cleaning in certain areas can form mold and this can become quite harmful to health, because it can cause nasal congestion, throat irritation, cough or wheeze, irritation in the eyes and in some cases can cause irritation in the skin. If a person suffers from allergy to mold can have even more serious reactions than these. Humid areas are generally those near the beach such as Rosarito. There are people who look for a house for rent in Rosarito, they have to verify that the house they are going to rent is in optimal conditions so that they do not suffer any damage to their health and the renter has to be responsible for ensuring that moisture does not affect the house.

There are other places that are dry, generally in these there is usually a lot of wind and dust, so any house that is located in a place like this has to have necessary measures to keep it clean, you have to be sweeping the dust daily if there is a lot, you also have to shake the furniture and wash the sheets, bedspreads and anything else we make contact with, this will prevent animals from forming and we have a more direct contact with the dust. Some diseases that dust can cause are bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary emphysema, respiratory infections, among others, not to mention that there are people who are allergic to dust and therefore end up even more affected, so with these must be double caution. 

Some essential aspects that anyone should consider is to open the windows of the house around noon, to let it be prayed, this is a natural way to keep a clean house, in addition to this we must have the essential products that help us to have a good cleaning and must perform a regular cleaning every third day and if possible daily. A good cleaning in the home is reflected in our health more than we think.

Differences Between Plastic, Aesthetic And Reconstructive Surgery

It is important that people who wish to undergo surgery keep in mind that in the area of surgical interventions there are different variants that start from the goal of surgery, which is to help patients improve their well-being. Plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that is divided into several fields, which are: plastic, aesthetic and restorative.

Aesthetic surgery:

The purpose of this subcategory is to help the patient improve the physical appearance of the person, in order to increase the self-esteem of the individual, as well as their desires regarding the appearance of their image. Although the purpose of cosmetic surgery focuses on modifying through surgical interventions the parts of the body that do not meet the patient’s satisfaction, there is also a certain percentage of these operations that are performed under 100% medical reason.

It is necessary that people who wish to perform these types of operations take into account that these surgeries can only be performed by surgeons who have that specialty, this because it is not only a simple intervention, but is to modify the appearance of the person, which requires the experience of a good surgeon. In spite of the fact that the percentage of women who undergo this type of procedure is higher, around 80%; nowadays it is common for men to be more interested in this subject than in past years. The constant concern to look good has caused these interventions to be the most performed, to the extent that, in Mexico, all the treatments that arise from cosmetic surgery, are the most demanded have.

Some of the procedures are:

Abdominoplasty – Reaffirmation of the abdomen.
Breast implants – This through the insertion of implants based on saline solution or silicone gel.
Reductive Mammoplasty
Rhinoplasty: To modify the appearance of the nose.
Liposuction: Removal of excess fat using a suction device.
Brazilian but lift Tijuana: liposuction from the arms, full back, abdomen, flanks, hips, inner thighs and part of the obtained fat is transferred to the buttocks.
Facial Fillers

Reconstructive surgery:

Unlike cosmetic surgery, this branch of plastic surgery focuses on restoring those ravages caused by accidents, burns, disease, trauma or poorly performed surgeries.  It is not so much a matter of improving the physical appearance of the person, but rather that the damaged area complies with its biological functions. The most common procedures in this area are:

Breast reconstruction – focused primarily on women who have had a mastectomy.
Foot and hand surgery- to help the area affected by tumors or webbed fingers, additional fingers or any syndrome that damages the movement of these two parts of the body.
Facial surgeries – correction of cleft lip, breathing problems due to fractures in the nose.

Plastic surgery:

As previously mentioned, it is the general branch from which aesthetics and construction are divided. Because of this, it is common for people to relate this type of operations as plastic. Similarly, many surgeons handle this term within their clinics, but it is important to always go with specialists in the area, in order to ensure that your health is in good hands.


Soft Or Hard Bristle Brushes?

Dental cleaning is an extremely important process to maintain oral health in good condition, so it is essential to implement within this routine the right elements to keep our teeth and gums clean and healthy. One of the necessary instruments to do so is the toothbrush, as it will help us to remove food deposits and plaque accumulation that is located in the teeth.

Hard or soft bristle brushes?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions people ask when buying a toothbrush. The extensive market that exists in the dental industry can confuse individuals at the time of purchase, as can their beliefs. Many people believe that it is necessary to use a toothbrush containing firm, hard bristles to better remove food and bacteria, but another percentage believes that it is essential to use soft-bristled toothbrushes to avoid bleeding.

Dentists in Tijuana recommend that their patients use soft-bristled brushes, because hard bristles can cause severe damage to the gums and protection of the teeth. The gums are a part of the mouth that is usually very sensitive because, being a tissue, it has different nerve endings. When using a hard brush is as if we continuously scrape the muscle; this causes the gums to weaken, causing the famous bleeding. If this problem is not treated in time, it can cause significant damage, such as the loss of teeth.

Another effect of hard bristle brushes is the loss of tooth enamel. This enamel protects the teeth from bacteria coming into contact with the tooth. The constant movement of the bristles in the teeth weakens this protection. It is crucial to bear in mind that firm brushes do not help to improve oral cleaning; on the contrary, as there is no flexibility in the bristles, it does not allow you to reach the areas where it is more challenging to perform hygiene.

On the other hand, many dentists recommend the use of soft bristle brushes as they prevent the gums from getting hurt. When cleaning this area, the bristles gently massage this part to improve circulation. The effect it has on the teeth is that it does not damage the tooth enamel at all if the bristles are fine, it allows them to pass between the line of the teeth, helping to improve hygiene.

Remember that not all cleaning depends on the brush but also on other products and how you handle them. Toothbrushing should last approximately 2 minutes so that you take the necessary time to run the brush through all the teeth. The movements should be soft and circular. It is important that after each meal you wait twenty minutes so that after this time you start the hygiene, first rinsing the area with water. The products that you are going to use for cleaning must cover the needs of your mouth; that is to say, if you present gingivitis, you must use articles focused on treating this problem. Finally, don’t forget to floss and rinse to improve oral hygiene and, most importantly, visit a dentist who can advise you.