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La Obesidad Infantil en México

La obesidad infantil es uno de los problemas más grandes en México, si hablamos del área de la salud y es que es tan grave que actualmente México ocupa el lugar número uno en obesidad infantil de todo el mundo, según datos del Fondo de las Naciones Unidas para la Infancia. Según la Encuesta Nacional de Salud y Nutrición de la Secretaría de Salud aproximadamente 4 de cada 10 niños sufren de obesidad en el país y lo realmente preocupante es que estas cifras pueden aumentar en el paso de los siguientes años. 

La cifra ha aumentado en cantidades enormes, no solo en el país, sino a nivel mundial. En 1975 el porcentaje de obesidad en niñas a nivel mundial era de 1.9%, mientras que para el 2016 dicha cifra aumentó llegando hasta el 12.8%. En el país sucedió algo similar, pues en 1975 el porcentaje apenas era del 2.7%, mientras que para el 2016 la cifra subió hasta alcanzar el 16.8%. Las cifras no son realmente sorprendentes y es que la obesidad no es un problema que se esté dando únicamente entre los niños, es un problema de adultos también, pues actualmente México cuenta con el segundo lugar a nivel mundial de obesidad en adultos, por lo que podemos darnos cuenta de que visto desde una perspectiva general, el problema de obesidad en México incluye a todas las edades, es un problema bastante grave. 

Con el fin de poder combatir este problema, se han estado implementando campañas para concienciar a las personas sobre la importancia de llevar una buena alimentación, de ejercitarse diariamente, entre otras cosas más. Recientemente se ha contratado a productora audiovisual Tijuana que pueda ayudar a realizar vídeos para estas campañas, con el único fin de lograr concienciar a los ciudadanos a llevar una vida más saludable y erradicar este problema que tanto está afectando. Algunas campañas han surtido efecto, sin embargo no es un secreto que para poder eliminar realmente el problema es necesario ir más a fondo y proporcionar las herramientas necesarias para que los niños se puedan alimentar bien. Esto va desde por ejemplo la escuela, donde no hay realmente una estrategia por medio de la cual se les inculque a los niños la importancia de llevar una buena alimentación y de realizar ejercicio diariamente. Además de que los alimentos que se venden en las cooperativas no son exactamente los más saludables. 

Los malos hábitos alimenticios se inculcan desde chicos, si desde que los niños son pequeños se les enseña qué deben comer bien, que deben cuidarse y no llevar una vida sedentaria, su vida adulta será mucho más sencilla. Los principales problemas médicos del país se deben a problemas relacionados con la obesidad, de hecho es causa de muchas muertes, por lo que uno de los principales enfoques que debería tener la educación en México es la de enseñar a los niños a alimentarse sanamente y a ejercitarse. Además de que los padres también deben de ser conscientes e informarse sobre cómo alimentar a sus hijos correctamente. La mejor manera de combatir este problema es erradicando de raíz, es decir desde los niños pequeños.

Are There Diseases That Limit You To Driving?

Some certain diseases or medications can jeopardize the reflexes and attention needed when driving a car, so it is essential that at the time of presenting any of these diseases, be very cautious about performing this activity.

Old age

Although it is not a disease but rather a natural process, old age brings with it various illnesses that impede the person’s coordination and reflexes. With age, our body loses strength and, therefore, different parts of the organism lose their stability. Frequently, people who enter the stage of old age often have problems with their eyesight; this can cause when driving may be involved in a car accident. Therefore, many families choose to take them to the place they want, where the assistants are responsible for the care of older adults.

Problems with your eyesight

It is one of the leading causes that limit people to driving, and it is that vision is the primary sense that is used when driving. If there are problems with vision, it is recommended that people attend an eye doctor so that he or she can determine a diagnosis. It is necessary to see a specialist because the consequences can be more significant.

Thyroid diseases

Some pathologies associated with the thyroid may prevent the individual from managing, mainly in conditions such as goiter. Doctors recommend that people with this problem momentarily stop driving because some side effects can put this action at risk. One of these effects is the constant tremor that can occur in areas such as the hands and feet.

Trouble sleeping

People who have difficulty sleeping should also abstain from driving, mainly because there is a risk that when driving, they will stay asleep, which is a risk not only for the driver but also for others. Therefore, if there are difficulties in falling asleep, the individual must go to a doctor so that the leading cause can be determined.

Heart Disease

Some people who have already had heart attacks often have this limitation on driving, mainly because there may be a risk of it happening again, primarily when the person is not controlled. After a heart attack, patients are advised not to drive for a few months until it has been established that there is no danger.

Mental disorders

Although it may be an obvious case that people with psychological problems are limited to driving, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Those who are keeping track of their illness can drive, but not professionally.

To not put drivers at risk, the spaces where driver’s licenses are issued have medical examinations. It is often specified to people that they must first go to a specialist so that they can know if there is a problem. In case that individual presents some illness, he must carry a control so that he can later have his driving license. People should not consider driving as unimportant, mainly because if there are health problems, not only the driver is put at risk, but also others. There are some cases where an older person wants to take a vacation, in this case is important to consider something like a Culinary Vacation México, where they will not have to worry about driving and will enjoy something peaceful and interesting like how to cook delicious mexican meals.

What to Expect of Assisted Living

Assisted living Rosarito is a huge issue among consumers, as the majority of individuals want the best housing facilities for their loved ones. The aging stage is surely a tough one: some once strong humans might lose their vitality and potentially become unwell. 

However, it could also be the time to show love and care to an aging parent – the least a good child could do for a hardworking parent who always presented for the family. Nevertheless, offering the best setting for an aging adult might not necessarily be as a sole caregiver. 

Most adults today can’t commit all their time for overseeing the welfare of their senior family members because of their financial obligations. They might be under continuous stress and constricted, even if somebody could make time for such a task. Assisted living Rosarito offers a great compromise between quantity and quality. 

What Assisted Living Rosarito Does

The term senior living might cover different types of senior living facilities. Such differ according to the requirements of an individual. The parent might be somewhat independent and wish to have a comfortable social community. Perhaps, he or she might need continuous attention because of some complications. 

Consider the different categories of housing and make the decision, which sounds good in your case:


  • Alzheimer’s Facilities


This type of facilities offered basic senior housing assistance. It might resemble an assisted living facility in design and service. Nonetheless, they paid special attention to residents who are living with signs of Alzheimer’s disease. 


  • Nursing Homes 


A nursing home has continuous nursing services accessible for residents who need special attention. 


  • Board and Care


This type of senior living facilities utilizes a single-family house, offering a comfortable environment with caregivers present at all times. They also have a wide range of services accessible. 


  • Assisted Living


This offers individuals with a mix of daily living assistance and services of an independent retirement community. Daily activities might include assistance with special transportation, eating, grooming, dressing, and bathing. 


  • Independent Living 


This is ideal for senior residents. The facilities here might be apartments or houses, situated close to  other for a huge community of support. Independent living is perfect for elders who don’t need supervision or continuous daily assistance, but who merely like to feel happy and secure within a senior community. 


  • Senior Housing


Senior housing might refer to a house, and it is a place of residence, catering to people over 56 to 65 years old or permanently disabled. A senior house runs as an independent living community, without nursing staff or constant care to speak of. It’s simply a community of senior residents. 

You will find a wide array of senior living facilities in Mexico that is suitable for your loved ones. Make sure you choose the best that suits their preferences, the only thing that matters is that your loved ones feel comfortable living in the place they choose, so make sure they take part of the decision, that will make things easier, do not even think about simply choose one without consulting them. Take note, they are the ones who will receive the service and not you.

What Is Post-Vacation Syndrome And How Can We Deal With It?

Surely you have had that feeling of sadness and discomfort after a vacation period and yet you probably didn’t know this is “a thing”. In order to handle with this stage and these emotions it is necessary that you first know what you are dealing with. Post-vacation syndrome is the cause of all these feelings and discomforts, it is defined as the state that occurs in a person, mainly in a worker, in which he fails trying to adapt to the rhythm of life he had before a period of vacation. Although this does not seem to be the case, it is quite common in people who, after having just had a vacation period, find it difficult to take on their daily responsibilities and tasks again. 

This syndrome refers to a state of generic malaise that has psychological and physical symptoms and regularly affects young people, under 45 years, however there are certain cases in which children can also be affected on their return to school after a long summer vacation, it is for this reason that many children can lower their performance in school when they return, although in reality in minors is less common, as most of them feel comfortable with school. 

Some of the most common symptoms of this syndrome are tiredness, fatigue, lack of sleep, muscle aches, lack of appetite, lack of concentration, sadness, lack of interest, nervousness, among others. 

There are some tips that can help you feel better and prevent this syndrome. The first is to avoid prolonging your vacation and returning a day before having to return to your daily work, take time at least 1 day or 2, where you also have the opportunity to accommodate, adapt and mentalize to your daily life, this way you will have more time to assimilate the change and it will cost less effort. It is also important to plan your return in the best possible way in which you do not have so much stress or worry, for this is necessary to think about hiring San Diego airport transportation, so that you have less stress and can reach your destination without having to worry about traffic, parking, and so on. 

It is also recommended to look for leisure activities that are compatible with work so that the change is not so abrupt and can completely adapt to the new rhythm of life without any problem. Trying to have a positive attitude can help greatly in this process of adaptation, to overcome it faster and easier, without any problem. Doing physical exercise can also be useful in this adaptation process, because as we know exercise helps relax the body and get rid of all the stress that we keep or we can opt for other types of activities, such as yoga, this can help us relax physically and mentally in a more effective way and without any problem. 

There is no medicine that can help with this syndrome, everything is in our hands, however by following these tips you can reduce the symptoms or even prevent it. Remember, mental health is also important and must be taken care of. 

How To Have A Healthy Heart

The main organ of our body is the heart, and it is thanks to all the functions performed by this small but powerful muscle that allows us to be alive. That is why it is essential to keep it in good condition because, in many things, the type of activities we do or the poor nutrition we carry can impair the functioning of our heart. Living a healthy life helps prevent heart attacks or other diseases.

If you want to keep your heart in good shape, you can follow these recommendations:

Fruit for the heart

This type of food not only allows the heart to stay in good working order but also helps to strengthen different organs that make up our bodies. Fruits are full of nutrients such as minerals and vitamins that protect and improve the health of the body. It is recommended that every day you eat at least one fruit a day, this if you want to avoid heart problems or some imbalance in another organ. You can eat the fruit that we like the most, but we must eat at least one of these foods a day. So don’t forget to include it in your diet.

Decrease tension

The fact that the person is continuously stressed also harms the health of our heart because it raises the heart rate very quickly, thus presenting hypertension. To level the heartbeat, it is advisable to eat a balanced and healthy diet, where there are vegetables, legumes, fruits, and some animal products low in fat, to avoid high levels of cholesterol. It is also recommended that the person exercise, not necessarily have to be energetic activities. Still, you can start with the basics, which is walking.


If you are one of those people who exceed the working hours, we recommend that you really think about it. Recent research has determined that people who work more than 46 hours a week are more likely to suffer heart damage. These problems start with heart failure either by increasing the pressure or by lowering the level of pulsations.

Control your emotions

Taking care of the heart also involves taking care of your emotional stability. All the changes we experience in our feelings have a significant impact on our heart. Sadness, anger, or excessive adrenaline unbalance the functioning of our heart, making it harder for it to regulate the heart rate. Try to avoid situations that may upset you or modify your emotions. Some relaxation techniques or specific activities can be beneficial.

Healthy teeth

Taking care of teeth also helps people not have heart problems. This is because if bacteria found in the oral cavity get into the bloodstream, specifically the heart, it causes problems with its functioning. That’s why it’s essential to see a specialist who can help you treat the health of your teeth, like a dentist in Tijuana.

Rest so you’ll be alright

People who have fewer hours of rest can contract many problems that will not only be reflected in the heart but also throughout the body. Not resting causes irritability, i.e., changes in emotions. If one does not sleep, the heart will not be able to do so either, since, at the moment of sleeping, the other organs lower their functioning, helping the heart to do so in a certain way.

Say NO to cholesterol

Nutrition plays a significant role in the functioning of the heart. If a person relies on a diet high in saturated fat, it will only cause this fat to be deposited in the veins, making it difficult for blood to reach all parts of the body. To avoid this, the heart begins to make more effort, causing that, in the long term, it does not have the same energy.

By taking care of our diet, exercising, and going to a specialist, we can help our heart not suffer any disease that could put our lives at risk.

What Do You Need To Take Care Of In A Home To Stay Healthy?

You knew that the place where you live also influences your health, the place where your house is located, the conditions in which you have it, the material of which it is made and the measures and habits of cleaning that you maintain are crucial in your health and that of your family, however this is something that not many people take into account, because of this we have given ourselves the task of gathering some aspects that you need to know in order to keep you and your family healthy.

The area where the house is located is something you have to consider before buying or renting the place where you are going to live, although you are in the same city the climates vary depending on the area in which you are, there are places that are cooler, others that are drier, others that are more humid, and so on. And in each of them you have to take different care, for example in the places that are humid you have to take into account that the humidity is absorbed by the house too, if you have metal bars most likely these rust if you do not have the necessary care and also if you do not carry out a proper cleaning in certain areas can form mold and this can become quite harmful to health, because it can cause nasal congestion, throat irritation, cough or wheeze, irritation in the eyes and in some cases can cause irritation in the skin. If a person suffers from allergy to mold can have even more serious reactions than these. Humid areas are generally those near the beach such as Rosarito. There are people who look for a house for rent in Rosarito, they have to verify that the house they are going to rent is in optimal conditions so that they do not suffer any damage to their health and the renter has to be responsible for ensuring that moisture does not affect the house.

There are other places that are dry, generally in these there is usually a lot of wind and dust, so any house that is located in a place like this has to have necessary measures to keep it clean, you have to be sweeping the dust daily if there is a lot, you also have to shake the furniture and wash the sheets, bedspreads and anything else we make contact with, this will prevent animals from forming and we have a more direct contact with the dust. Some diseases that dust can cause are bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary emphysema, respiratory infections, among others, not to mention that there are people who are allergic to dust and therefore end up even more affected, so with these must be double caution. 

Some essential aspects that anyone should consider is to open the windows of the house around noon, to let it be prayed, this is a natural way to keep a clean house, in addition to this we must have the essential products that help us to have a good cleaning and must perform a regular cleaning every third day and if possible daily. A good cleaning in the home is reflected in our health more than we think.

Differences Between Plastic, Aesthetic And Reconstructive Surgery

It is important that people who wish to undergo surgery keep in mind that in the area of surgical interventions there are different variants that start from the goal of surgery, which is to help patients improve their well-being. Plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that is divided into several fields, which are: plastic, aesthetic and restorative.

Aesthetic surgery:

The purpose of this subcategory is to help the patient improve the physical appearance of the person, in order to increase the self-esteem of the individual, as well as their desires regarding the appearance of their image. Although the purpose of cosmetic surgery focuses on modifying through surgical interventions the parts of the body that do not meet the patient’s satisfaction, there is also a certain percentage of these operations that are performed under 100% medical reason.

It is necessary that people who wish to perform these types of operations take into account that these surgeries can only be performed by surgeons who have that specialty, this because it is not only a simple intervention, but is to modify the appearance of the person, which requires the experience of a good surgeon. In spite of the fact that the percentage of women who undergo this type of procedure is higher, around 80%; nowadays it is common for men to be more interested in this subject than in past years. The constant concern to look good has caused these interventions to be the most performed, to the extent that, in Mexico, all the treatments that arise from cosmetic surgery, are the most demanded have.

Some of the procedures are:

Abdominoplasty – Reaffirmation of the abdomen.
Breast implants – This through the insertion of implants based on saline solution or silicone gel.
Reductive Mammoplasty
Rhinoplasty: To modify the appearance of the nose.
Liposuction: Removal of excess fat using a suction device.
Brazilian but lift Tijuana: liposuction from the arms, full back, abdomen, flanks, hips, inner thighs and part of the obtained fat is transferred to the buttocks.
Facial Fillers

Reconstructive surgery:

Unlike cosmetic surgery, this branch of plastic surgery focuses on restoring those ravages caused by accidents, burns, disease, trauma or poorly performed surgeries.  It is not so much a matter of improving the physical appearance of the person, but rather that the damaged area complies with its biological functions. The most common procedures in this area are:

Breast reconstruction – focused primarily on women who have had a mastectomy.
Foot and hand surgery- to help the area affected by tumors or webbed fingers, additional fingers or any syndrome that damages the movement of these two parts of the body.
Facial surgeries – correction of cleft lip, breathing problems due to fractures in the nose.

Plastic surgery:

As previously mentioned, it is the general branch from which aesthetics and construction are divided. Because of this, it is common for people to relate this type of operations as plastic. Similarly, many surgeons handle this term within their clinics, but it is important to always go with specialists in the area, in order to ensure that your health is in good hands.


Soft Or Hard Bristle Brushes?

Dental cleaning is an extremely important process to maintain oral health in good condition, so it is essential to implement within this routine the right elements to keep our teeth and gums clean and healthy. One of the necessary instruments to do so is the toothbrush, as it will help us to remove food deposits and plaque accumulation that is located in the teeth.

Hard or soft bristle brushes?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions people ask when buying a toothbrush. The extensive market that exists in the dental industry can confuse individuals at the time of purchase, as can their beliefs. Many people believe that it is necessary to use a toothbrush containing firm, hard bristles to better remove food and bacteria, but another percentage believes that it is essential to use soft-bristled toothbrushes to avoid bleeding.

Dentists in Tijuana recommend that their patients use soft-bristled brushes, because hard bristles can cause severe damage to the gums and protection of the teeth. The gums are a part of the mouth that is usually very sensitive because, being a tissue, it has different nerve endings. When using a hard brush is as if we continuously scrape the muscle; this causes the gums to weaken, causing the famous bleeding. If this problem is not treated in time, it can cause significant damage, such as the loss of teeth.

Another effect of hard bristle brushes is the loss of tooth enamel. This enamel protects the teeth from bacteria coming into contact with the tooth. The constant movement of the bristles in the teeth weakens this protection. It is crucial to bear in mind that firm brushes do not help to improve oral cleaning; on the contrary, as there is no flexibility in the bristles, it does not allow you to reach the areas where it is more challenging to perform hygiene.

On the other hand, many dentists recommend the use of soft bristle brushes as they prevent the gums from getting hurt. When cleaning this area, the bristles gently massage this part to improve circulation. The effect it has on the teeth is that it does not damage the tooth enamel at all if the bristles are fine, it allows them to pass between the line of the teeth, helping to improve hygiene.

Remember that not all cleaning depends on the brush but also on other products and how you handle them. Toothbrushing should last approximately 2 minutes so that you take the necessary time to run the brush through all the teeth. The movements should be soft and circular. It is important that after each meal you wait twenty minutes so that after this time you start the hygiene, first rinsing the area with water. The products that you are going to use for cleaning must cover the needs of your mouth; that is to say, if you present gingivitis, you must use articles focused on treating this problem. Finally, don’t forget to floss and rinse to improve oral hygiene and, most importantly, visit a dentist who can advise you.

Cosmetic Surgery Downtime and Recovery Time

Recovery time is, no doubt, one of the main concerns of patients who are planning to undergo cosmetic surgery Tijuana. Patients are interested to know in particular how long it is going to take before they could go back to their normal daily routine.

As far as the healing or downtime after a cosmetic surgery procedure is concerned, you need to take note of four primary things:

  • The recovery time differs from one patient to another and is also dependent on various factors such as the general health condition of the patient and the cosmetic surgical procedure itself. You can use the estimates as the starting point. It is also best if you ask your cosmetic surgeon regarding the recovery time expected from the specific procedure you want to get. 
  • If the responsibilities in your job include some strenuous physical tasks such as being on your feet for an extended period or lifting heavy objects. You have to wait for a bit longer than the average downtime periods. 
  • When planning for the procedure, it would be better if you plan things more conservatively. Try to schedule more off-time compared to the estimated recovery time given by your surgeon. If ever the expected time of recovery is one week, you might want to reserve 2 weeks of your schedule. It will save you from any stress associated with sudden unexpected delays. 
  • If the procedure you will undergo is quite obvious to family, friends, or colleagues, specifically facial cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, or facelift surgery, you might have extra social concerns as the result of the procedure’s bruising nature. Take note that it might take much longer compared to the below times before the swelling and bruising subside entirely.

The average downtime and recovery time for some of the most popular procedures of cosmetic surgery Tijuana is as follows:

  • Breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, labiaplasty, smart lipo/liposuction, arm lift surgery, gynecomastia, otoplasty or ear surgery – 1 week
  • Neck lift, chin augmentation, brow lift – 1 to 2 weeks
  • Eyelid surgery, facelift, thigh lift – 2 weeks
  • Mommy makeover, body lift, tummy tuck – 3 to 4 weeks 

Tips to Speed Up Your Healing Process

Patients can do a few things to accelerate their recovery and healing process. While each person can heal at a uniquely different way, there are actions proven to help in decreasing the recovery periods after undergoing cosmetic surgery Tijuana. These include the following:

  • Eat properly and drink lots of water after your procedure. Balanced and proper nutrition and hydration can help your body heal much faster. 
  • Follow every instruction after the procedure as given by your cosmetic surgeon. It includes instructions on how to wear protective garments and how to take care of the incision sites. 
  • Stress can hinder the healing ability of the body. Make sure that you have enough support coming from your family or friends and practice techniques to reduce stress. There are cosmetic surgery Tijuana procedures that require the help of a dedicated caregiver during the initial 48 hours following the procedure. 

Claves para identificar a un buen dentista

Para una persona que está buscando un dentista pueden existir muchos inconvenientes o cosas que lo hagan dudar sobre si está tomando la decisión correcta o no. Esto es algo comprensible, pues un dentista se hace cargo totalmente de nuestros dientes y no hay zona más delicada y sensible en nuestro cuerpo que está. De hecho los dentistas son las personas del área de la salud a la que más le temen las personas, debido a esto regularmente la gente suele asistir al dentista hasta que ya tiene un problema bastante serio que no deja de molestarle, por ejemplo una caries bastante avanzada en la cual ya es necesario realizar una endodoncia o algún otro tipo de problema similar. 

Para que este temor disminuya un poco es necesario buscar a un buen dentista que pueda brindarle la seguridad a la persona de que recibirá un servicio de calidad con el menor dolor posible. Sin embargo muchas personas pueden pensar que identificar a un buen dentista en Tijuana es una tarea bastante difícil, por este motivo a continuación te presentaremos algunas claves para ayudarte y facilitarte la labor de identificar a un buen dentista. 

Busca reseñas

Actualmente contamos con muchas herramientas tecnológicas, las cuales podemos aprovechar a nuestro favor. Con anterioridad sabías si un dentista era bueno o no después de haber asistido con él, o bien porque un amigo o compañero te lo recomendó porque resulta que es el dentista que lleva atendiendo a su familia toda la vida, o algo por el estilo. Sin embargo hoy en día nada de eso es necesario, actualmente si quieres saber si un dentista es bueno o no solamente necesitas buscar su nombre o el nombre de su clínica y lo más probable es que encuentres unas cuantas reseñas y calificaciones por parte de paciente y no de la misma clínica, lo que le da un valor y credibilidad más alta. Esto te puede ayudar a identificar a un buen dentista. 

Haz contacto 

Antes de realizarte algún tratamiento haz contacto con la clínica, ya sea por medio de correo electrónico, llamada telefónica, visita o lo que tu desees y pon especial atención a la forma en la que te atienden, si sientes que la atención es la adecuada, si te sientes cómodo y la manera en la que te tratan te hace sentir en confianza, será una señal de que el servicio que puedes esperar en ese lugar es bueno. 

Evalúa los precios

Sabemos que un precio económico es algo que siempre queremos cuando buscamos un dentista, sin embargo también tenemos que considerar que las cosas que suelen tener un costo exageradamente bajo suelen ser de mala calidad, eso es algo que la experiencia nos ha enseñado. Esto no significa que busquemos los servicios más caros y que esto será garantía de que recibiremos el mejor servicio, pero sí es importante que revisemos bien los precios, pues si es un precio exageradamente bajo lo más probable es que el servicio no sea el mejor, así también es importante que evaluemos esto, no nos dejemos llevar por un dentista barato.

Problems With The Gums?

Diseases that occur in the oral tissues often cause significant problems in other structures, because they are connected. That is why the dentist, at the time of making evaluations must make sure that all the tissues are healthy and check the conditions of the other structures. If a person presents appropriate oral health, the objective of the dentist will be to maintain it in good condition so that in the future the patient doesn’t develop problems.

One of the reasons a person goes to the dentist is because of social pressure because they want to feel part of the community and know that physical appearance is one of the primary keys. Others are simply because they accept themselves or because they are having discomfort in the oral cavity. In these cases, the patient will be previously evaluated to know if the individual has diseases that can affect the mouth. The medical history will be evaluated to know if the person is on medication and finally it will be investigated by means of questions if in the individual’s family there have been members that present or have presented cavity problems.

One of the diseases that can bring more damage to the elements that compose the oral structure is the one that affects the gums. The patient can start with gingivitis, which is the inflammation of the gums caused by bacterial plaque or by some health problem, and then evolve to periodontitis, which is a problem that affects the functioning of the mouth

Due to periodontal diseases or trauma, a pathology known as a gingival recession (receding gums) can occur in the gums, these can be general or localized. It is a gingival displacement that causes the exposure of dental cement, that is, the visualization of the roots. This is one of the most frequent pathologies in older adults, mainly when they are between the ages of forty and over. Although this disease is associated with periodontal problems, many relate it merely as a consequence of aging.

This is a consequence of the accumulation of bacterial plaque that, if not removed correctly or daily, produces toxins that consume the teeth and affect the gums, the excess of these toxic elements generates inflammation of the gums and subsequently, the separation of the tooth and the loss of tissue.

The symptoms presented by people who suffer from withdrawn gums are:

Pain- due to thinning or loss of tissue, the gum is more exposed to sensitivity so contact with hot or cold things will cause pain in the individual.

Loss of teeth – it is very likely that one or more teeth will fall out if it is not treated in time. This is due to root exposure.

Aesthetics – the appearance of the teeth is definitely affected by the disease. The teeth have a more elongated appearance, with separations and sometimes with dark stains.

For the treatment of this disease, it is necessary to first determine the reason for the retraction, after this, the dentist may recommend tissue grafting to cover the affected area, fortifying the thinning parts. One of the main recommendations is that the patient carries out a particular routine, to avoid major problems, as well as the periodic visit Dr Mexico in Tijuana.

Estudios para detectar el cáncer

El cáncer es una de las peores enfermedades que existe y también una de las que más sufren las personas, para detectarlo es necesario llevar a cabo un estudio que pueda ayudarnos a detectar de manera temprana esta tan temida enfermedad. Existen una gran cantidad de estudios que ayudan a detectar si existe algún tipo de cáncer en el cuerpo, sin embargo no todos estos estudios son conocidos, por este motivo nos hemos dado a la tarea de hablar un poco sobre cuales son los tipos de estudios más comunes que ayudan a detectar el cáncer. 

Existen muchos estudios especiales Tijuana que ayudan a detectar el cáncer, por ejemplo por medio de las radiografías y otros exámenes de este tipo es que se puede encontrar el cáncer en diferentes partes del cuerpo, los cuales incluyen los huesos y organos como el estómago y los riñones. Este tipo de estudios son ideales porque no requieren mucho tiempo, no provocan dolor y en pocas palabras no requieren ningún tipo de preparación especial. Por otro lado también están los estudios de contraste, los cuales si pueden llegar a requerir una preparación e incluso pueden causar algún tipo de molestias y efectos secundarios, dependiendo el tipo de estudio, pues existen varios. 

Estudios de contraste 

  • Angiografía, angiograma, arteriografía, arteriograma: este tipo de estudios se encarga de revisar las arterias del cuerpo, incluyendo las del cerebro, también los pulmones y los riñones. 
  • Pielograma intravenoso: este tipo de estudio se encarga de revisar el tracto urinario, como lo son los riñones, uréteres y la vejiga. 
  • Radiografías del tracto gastrointestinal inferior, enema de bario, enema de bario de doble contraste, enema de bario con contraste de aire: este tipo de estudios se encargan de revisar organos como el colón y el recto. 
  • Radiografías del tracto gastrointestinal superior, ingestiión de bario, esofagografía, estudio radiológico del transito intestinal: este tipo de estudios se encargan de revisar el esófago, el estómago y el intestino delgado. 
  • Venografía y venograma: este tipo de estudios se encargan de revisar las venas de todo el cuerpo, generalmente las de las piernas. 

Este tipo de estudios son estudios de rayos x especiales que utilizan tintes con base de yodo o materiales de contraste como el bario, junto con las radiografías para que los órganos aparezcan en la radiografía y de esta forma puedan obtener imágenes mejores. En la actualidad gracias a los avances en la tecnología este tipo de estudios ya casi no se usan, pues están siendo reemplazados por otros. Por ejemplo antes la angiografía se utilizaba para conocer la etapa y extensión de un cáncer existente y hoy en día para esto se utiliza la tomografía por computadora o la resonancia magnética. Sin embargo estos estudios más “viejitos” no quedan totalmente descartados, pues la angiografía se sigue utilizando para mostrar los vasos sanguíneos que están cerca de un tumor y de esta forma poder planificar mejor una cirugía que ayude a limitar la perdida de sangre. 

La realización de estudios para evitar la propagación y el avance del cáncer son muy importantes, pues una detección temprana es crucial para evitar una perdida en la calidad de vida de la persona a la que se le detecte.

Salivary Gland Infections

Just as there is inflammation in the gum, there can also be inflammation in the salivary glands.

Inflammation may be due to certain factors, such as:

  • Dehydration
  • Medicines
  • Poor hygiene
  • Systematic diseases

In order to know the cause of this pathology, it is essential to identify the reason why this condition is occurring to have adequate treatment.

The salivary glands are divided into two major groups, major and minor. These belonging sections of the oral cavity are the ones that secrete saliva. This substance helps the cleaning of the mouth, serves to prepare food for the process of chewing and swallowing. The minor glands, distributed in great part of the buccal cavity, in the pharynx and the paranasal sinuses, are the ones that are in charge of secreting mucus. Diseases related to the glands include various pathologies: inflammation, infection, obstruction, autoimmune problems, among others.


  • Mumps- Infection of the salivary glands, which are located near the ears, with inflammation. This symptom can be seen reflected in the area of the cheeks and that when the glands are swollen, the cheeks expand, so it is very noticeable. By the other way, it can also present difficulties when chewing, headaches, loss of appetite, and fever. Nowadays, this pathology is fought with vaccination at an early age.
  • Epstein-Barr Virus- Better known as Herpes, is a virus that can be transmitted by saliva and in other cases by sexual contact, by blood or by an organ transplant. The most common symptoms are fever, swelling of the throat and lymph nodes, and oral problems.


  • Mucolele- It is characterized by the presence of a small lump found mainly under the tongue or on the inside of the lower lip. This is a consequence of saliva retention. The bumps tend to be transparent or bluish color so that it may have the appearance of a blister, unlike this, the mucolele there is no pain.


  • Sjögren’s Syndrome- Caused by a disorder of the immune system, causing a feeling of lack of (dry) fluids in the eyes and mouth. This disease affects the mucosa and glands that produce hydration in these two parts.


  • Pleomorphic adenoma- These tumors occur in the tissues where the parotid salivary glands are found. The size may vary, depending on the severity. It can be generated within 50 years of life and is usually more frequent in women.

The constant visits to the dentist in tijuana, are a factor of vital importance since this type of inflammations or pathologies in the salivary glands can be prevented. For the dentist to determine the type of inflammation, a physical examination will be performed to determine in which section the inflammation is found. Scanning through palpitation may tell the doctor if there is a tumor; so this procedure is vital. As mentioned, this type of disease is usually caused by poor dental hygiene, where the accumulation of oral bacteria obstructs the glands, or if this accumulation causes viruses to prolong their stay in the oral cavity, so it is crucial to place particular emphasis on cleanliness. Likewise, the consumption of liquids cleans this type of microbes, keeping the mouth hydrated and fresh.


What Are Dental Crowns And What Can They Do For Me?

Dental crowns are one of the most widely used dental treatments in dentistry. If you have recently visited the dentist and he has told you that you need a dental crown and you have no idea what it is or what it works for, we recommend reading the following article. 

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown, also known as a dental cover, is a piece of restoration that is placed on top of a tooth that has been affected and is damaged with the aim of making it functional again and recovering a normal appearance. The main objective of dental crowns is to cover the outside of a tooth that has been damaged but still has healthy bone, so that it will not be affected later on.  

What are dental crowns for? 

Dental crowns are mainly used to help replace a missing tooth or also as a reinforcement for a weakened tooth. So it could be said that its main functions are to repair teeth that have been damaged by some kind of problem, both aesthetic and functional, because the crown not only protects the teeth to prevent future damage, but also looks like a tooth so it is a fairly discreet treatment. These can last more than 25 years if you take excellent care of them, however a crown in good condition usually lasts 15 to 20 years approximately.

What are dental crowns made of? 

dental crowns Tijuana are usually made of 4 different types of materials, according to the needs and possibilities of each person. These 4 materials are: 


This type of crowns are the most recommended for restorations because of their color, since they are the ones that most resemble the natural color of the teeth. The only downside of this material is that it can easily break if the person has a very strong bite, however, it is highly resistant to wear, so in a person with a normal bite can last a long time. 


For this type of crowns, the porcelain is fused to join it to the outer part of a metallic structure with the only purpose of reinforcing the teeth, thus sealing and avoiding the formation of caries. This type of crown is functional rather than aesthetic, because it is much stronger, durable and safe, although this can be noticed. 

Base metal alloys 

This type of crown, unlike the metal-ceramic ones, is made of metals that are not noble, but that reinforces the tooth and help greatly to avoid corrosion. This material is much more resistant to wear and does not affect other teeth at all, however by the color of the material, this can become quite noticeable.

Gold alloys

This type of crown is ostentatious, are made of gold with copper and some other metals, which form a fairly strong material that adheres easily to the tooth This type of alloys are very resistant to wear and fracture. They do not affect or invade other teeth in any way, as the material is biologically compatible with the gingival tissue. 

Dental crowns are an excellent option for people who have damaged teeth and who want to avoid major damage and want to regain the normal shape of their teeth.

Innovations In The Dental World

A long time ago we attended the dentist only to solve problems that arose in these, such as cavities, but those were very simple treatments that were given at that time, and if a person had another type of their problem with their teeth like stained, crooked teeth or some other type of problem that more than functional was aesthetic, there was no way to solve it, because the procedures that were carried out were quite simple, nevertheless as time went by different techniques were invented and thanks to the technology it was possible to advance much more, what gave rise to those problems that before seemed impossible to solve began to be much simpler. 

Among some of these innovations that were made precisely with the intention of helping people with their dental problems are the following: 


The braces were one of the most useful innovations in the dental world, because for all people who by genetics or some other situation had crooked teeth, knowing that there was a way to solve this and get a smile with well-fitted teeth and also that there was a way to solve problems that had to do with the bite was really a relief. Also as time has gone by these have improved and now there are braces that are invisible, in case someone needs to undergo this dental treatment and does not want them to be noticeable. They are also inventing other techniques that fulfill the same function of braces but are much more practical and simple. 

Dental Veneers 

Dental veneers are one of the most used aesthetic inventions in the dental world, in fact these are quite common among artists and celebrities, because in them is really indispensable an impeccable and beautiful smile, since it is what attracts them most, and as they are people like us they also have problems with their teeth and therefore do not have a perfect smile from birth and have to undergo dental treatments that help them to obtain the beautiful smile that we see on television or in magazines. Dental veneers are a kind of cover for teeth that make them look clean and beautiful. 

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are an excellent option for the elderly or even for young people who by some reason have lost teeth and now are looking for a way in which they can solve this and avoid future dental problems that can damage more teeth that are healthy. Currently, there are many types of implants that are adapted to the needs of each person with the intention of providing the best techniques for them to feel comfortable and safe. These types of treatments are really useful for people who want to have a beautiful smile again and do not want to continue having problems or being struggling with their teeth. 

All these techniques and methods have been created with the intention of making people’s lives easier and helping them with their dental problems and to avoid future dental problems. Thanks to this dental restorations in Tijuana are also possible, an excellent option for all those people who have many problems with their teeth.  

Most Common Accidents In Which The Nose Gets Hurt

There are many parts of our body that can be injured in different types of accidents, however there are certain areas that are usually harmed, such as the legs, arms and nose, and the reason why this happens is because these parts are those that protrude from the body and therefore are more exposed to any type of event that may occur.  Of these parts of the body that can come to worry us most is the nose and is because everything that is in our face is very important to us, because it is the first thing that people see of us.

And in addition to aesthetic issues the nose is very important because in a few words is through it that we breathe and live, although it sounds very obvious is what it is and if there is any problem in it although we will not stop breathing if there are problems that will make it difficult for us to do so and this may bring later problems or may not simply allow us to live our lives comfortably, because the discomfort and difficulty will feel constantly. 

For this reason if we do not have any problem with the nose is important to take precautions and know which are the accidents in which we can have some kind of problem with our nose and so at least we can be prevented by doing any of these activities and avoid this way suffer an accident with our nose. 

These are some of the most common activities in which there may be some type of accident with the nose: 

Practicing a contact sport 

Contact sports are those that many people like the most, especially boys, however these sports if not practiced as it should be and with proper precautions can end badly, but also people who practice them know beforehand that it is a risky sport in which inadvertently at any time can occur some accident. Some examples of contact sports are the following: 


This is one of the most practiced martial arts in Mexico, this is given blows such as kicks and blows with closed fist and as you improve the person who practices are given ribbons of different colors, being the black belt the highest level.  


Taekwondo is another of the most practiced martial arts in the country, this is very similar to karate only that this is characterized by being a self-defense technique and also consists more of blows on the legs than in any other area of the body. 


This is one of the most famous sports in Mexico and consists of fighting inside a ring with gloves in different rounds and although there are rules is also likely to suffer an accident in this. 

Participate in a physical fight 

This can always have serious consequences, on the nose as in many other parts, but a bad blow to the face can cause a fractured nose and subsequent problems that we certainly want to avoid, so getting involved in a physical fight will never be a good idea. 

A fall 

This is something we cannot avoid, however it is important to know that when suffering a fall is important to try to put our hands to avoid contact of our face with the ground, because if this happens the first thing that will suffer the impact will be the nose and unfortunately this can fracture and cause breathing problems, so we must be cautious. 

A broken nose can cause pain, swelling and breathing problems, there are also people who have these problems of birth, so they can turn to a rhinoplasty in Tijuana and thus avoid future problems. However, it will always be important that we take our precautions and avoid any type of situation in which we are at risk of suffering some type of accident like this. 


As people get older and grow older, often because of genetics, bad habits, among many other things, certain diseases appear, diseases with which we must be careful and visit the doctor regularly to prevent these can occur, or if they are already present can be diagnosed in time and bring a treatment that can help us to prevent progress and become something much more serious that affects us. It is also important that we know which are the most common diseases that can affect us, so that we know the symptoms, and if we detect any we can start treatment as soon as possible.

One of these diseases that it is good to take care of and prevent from happening at all costs is Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects many people and is a type of dementia that practically consists of problems with memory, behavior and thinking. According to wikipedia it is a neurodegenerative disease that manifests as cognitive impairment and behavioral disorders and is characterized in its typical form by a loss of immediate memory and other mental capabilities, as nerve cells die and different areas of the brain atrophy.

In fact, Alzheimer’s is the disease responsible for between 60% and 80% of dementia cases and contrary to what you might think, this disease is not a normal feature of aging,  it is not a disease that necessarily occurs to all older people. However it is very common that it occurs in old age, after 65 years, however there are also younger people who suffer from this disease, although these cases are much less common.

It is very important that if a person begins to show symptoms of this disease is attended as soon as possible, because unfortunately this is a disease that worsens over time,  it is a progressive disease and if it is not treated from its inception the person who suffers can go to the extreme of losing memory completely, when least of all. In addition to being the sixth leading cause of disease in the United States, this is because there is an average of 8 years in which people live after the first symptoms of the disease have occurred. This is why it is extremely important that this disease be diagnosed in time and in case the person who suffers it does not have someone to care start looking for memory care México, so that they can help the person with a treatment to prevent the disease advance and become more harmful.

This is one of the diseases with which more care must be taken and try to bring a treatment as soon as possible, because although at first may seem somewhat harmless, as mentioned above is the sixth cause of death and also that it is a disease that affects not only the patient but the people around him, so if we know someone who may be presenting symptoms take him to the doctor immediately so that he can make an immediate diagnosis and treat as soon as possible.

Obesity And Its Relationship With Diabetes

The relationship between obesity and diabetes has been alarming for scientists and doctors to look for an alternative to counteract or slow the acceleration of type 2 mellitus. Among the diseases that lead to excess weight, one of the most worrisome is diabetes because, worldwide, it has the greatest impact on the death rate due to the risk factors caused by this condition, such as heart problems; currently a large percentage of the population has this type of disease, this may be due to different factors. We must remember that obesity is also one of the fastest growing diseases in the world, especially in developed countries.

What is diabetes?

It is an alteration in the body that causes increased blood sugar. When consuming food, the body converts it into glucose and sends it to the blood so that the insulin deposits the glucose towards the cells, when the person has diabetes there are problems in the insulin which causes the accumulation of sugar in the bloodstreams and the lack of glucose deposit in the cells. There are different types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2.

Type 2 diabetes

Contrary to type 1 diabetes, type 2 occurs in adults and sometimes in adolescents. Individuals who have this condition have problems with insulin because it doesn’t work properly, this is known as insulin resistance and this is associated with high levels of triglycerides, high blood pressure, and obesity. When this problem arises, the pancreas produces more insulin to compensate, subsequently affecting insulin production. Many can treat diabetes by eating a healthy diet, taking medications, and taking insulin injections.

There is really no specific cause that explains why type 2 diabetes appears, but there are certain factors that are related to its appearance in the body.

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • Genetic factors
  • High pressure
  • High cholesterol

Obesity is growing year by year, generating in the population various diseases that endanger the lives of those who have this disease. Obesity is associated with changes in diet due to economic growth and the globalization of the food market where prevail those with high percentages of sugar, fat, and calories, by lifestyles that are focused on sedentarism and other causes.

Unfortunately, obesity is not a condition that occurs at a certain age but can arise in children and adults. In Mexico, there are official investigations that determine that the country is number one in childhood obesity and second in adult obesity.

Obesity is related to different diseases as they are:

  • Diabetes
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Heart disease
  • Digestive problems
  • Certain types of cancer.

Practically what causes obesity is a decrease in life expectancy and definitely an affectation in the quality of life since it not only causes physical changes but also psychological problems.  One of the alternatives that exist is to undergo a surgery in which the excess of fat is eliminated; in the field of surgeries there is a diversity of procedures but one of the most effective is bariatric. It is advisable to consult with specialists in this branch for bariatric surgery Tijuana.

It is always important to lead a healthy life that involves a good diet and constant exercise to reduce the risks of diabetes and obesity.

How an IMG Agency Helps Students have the Best US Clinical Experience

If you are an international medical graduate ready to embark on gaining the US clinical experience, you likely have tremendous family support and are excited (and nervous) regarding your entire professional future that waits ahead. That said, you want to make the most of your ability to find the right clinical experience in America that can help advance your career. You are not alone; this is a goal shared by thousands of other IMGs. And due to the highly competitive nature of finding the right medical rotations, students seeking the competitive edge invest in an IMG agency that helps students get the best US clinical experience to further their career.

This article is intended to help medical graduates and their families find the best IMG agency to help them get their ideal US clinical experience and go on to make an amazing life for themselves that all began with customized guidance and a caring support system.

An IMG Agency Takes the Pressure off Students

If you are a medical graduate, you already know about the tremendous amount of pressure that goes into making your family proud, ensuring their financial investment in the IMG agency was a prosperous move to help make you a success, and, IMG agencies help remove all the stressful work that goes into applying for hospital residency programs, getting LORs, and getting the best US clinical experience.

In order to determine what the best US clinical experience is based on your career goals, you need to do a lot of research, make lots of calls, schedule interviews, and this takes tons of time away from responsibilities you have at home and any lose ends that need to be tied before leaving the country to have that US clinical experience necessary to helping you become a top doctor in your desired field.

The best IMG agency will handle all of this for you, with your best interest at heart. They will be your advocate, support system, researcher, and make all the necessary arrangements from placing you in the right residency program at the right hospital, from finding you ideal housing and getting the vital LORs.

The Best IMG Agencies Ensure Your Investment Garners a Huge Return

We already talked about how your family’s investment with ain IMG agency can cause pressure on you because you want to make sure you succeed and their investment and faith in you wasn’t in vain. This is why the best IMG agencies help medical graduates find the right US clinical experience necessary to help them achieve their career goals, be able to support their family down the road and repay them for their generosity, and really just ensure their life’s dream is achievable with a plan that keeps them on track to greatness.

When an IMG agency follows these principals, they help their clients gain the best US clinical experience while supporting them through every step of the journey.  

Foods That Can Cause Cavities

Teeth are one of the parts of our teeth that we have to take care of the most because unfortunately, unlike sharks that lose a tooth and have a row waiting to replace it, we only have a row of teeth, well two if we count the baby teeth when we are children, however when they fall out the permanent teeth and these as their name says are totally permanent and if at any time they fall there is no way we can recover them, at least not naturally.

If we find ourselves in a situation where for some reason we lost a tooth there are treatments that can help us to recover them artificially, such as dental implants, of which there are also different modalities of these and the person has the ability to choose the most convenient. There are also many dental treatments that have as their only purpose the aesthetics of the teeth such as braces, dental veneers, among many other things that can help improve the image of the teeth.

Of course the ideal would be to avoid having any type of problems with our teeth and one of the most recurrent is the cavities. Tooth decay is a hole that forms in the teeth and can grow larger and deeper over time. Tooth decay is caused by tartar, which is a type of sticky substance formed mainly by germs, this tartar along with the acid that manufactures the bacteria that lives in our teeth are responsible for eating the surface layer of teeth, tooth enamel. When cavities are beginning to form it is very important to go to the dentist as soon as possible, otherwise the acid can continue to damage the tooth enamel and the inside of the tooth can deteriorate. Depending on how advanced the cavity is, it is probable that it will be needed from simply removing the cavity to a root canal Tijuana or in the worst case a dental extraction.

Of course, the best thing is always going to be that we avoid even that the cavities form and we avoid the nuisance of having to undergo a dental treatment that can become painful. To avoid dental cavities is necessary to brush our teeth in the proper way daily, besides this, it is also extremely necessary to take care of our diet and avoid at all costs some foods that can cause cavities, and all are reduced to a single:


Sugar is the main cause of cavities and it is important that you know that there are different types of sugars and all these can damage our teeth, among them are the sucrose found in foods such as cakes, soft drinks, sweets, ketchup, among others. Also lactose, fructose and carbohydrates refined with starch, ie foods that are made with refined white flour. White sugar, sodas, sweets, chips, fruit juices and nectars, nuts, sugary cereals, chocolates, smoothies and many others.

It is important that we take care of ourselves and avoid consuming these foods as much as possible in order to avoid damage to our teeth and subsequent problems.

Oral problems

Have you ever felt discomfort inside your mouth?

A burning or pressing sensation in a certain area of the mouth?

If you look at the area where you have discomfort and see a kind of blister, let me tell you that it may be an aphthae, better known as a mouth ulcer. Mouth ulcers appear on the inside of the mouth and can appear on the gums, lips, tongue or cheeks. These mucosal lesions can be caused by a variety of factors.

What are mouth ulcers?

They are erosions that are characterized by having an oval shape, with a yellowish background color and white or reddish surroundings. Normally they don’t exceed 1 cm and are normally classified in three, depending on the size and duration of the lesion.

Minor ulcers – are small and don’t measure more than one centimeter, this type of affections have an approximate duration of one or two weeks and can appear from one to 5 times a year, depending on the reason why they arise. They usually do not appear in the gum area but rather in the lips or the lower part of the tongue, i.e. the base or floor of the mouth.

Major ulcers – are characterized by having a diameter exceeding one centimeter; they are usually deeper and more annoying than minor ulcers. It has an approximate healing time of between 10 days to a month, sometimes can leave a small scar. They often affect the lips and palate.

Herpetiform ulcers – Multiple papulovesicular lesions. They can be cured in 7 days or one month.

Each of the ulcers has three periods:

Vesiculous- With a diameter of 2-5 mm; in its center hardly appears the yellowish color, after the three days already appears an opacity in the affection.

Ulcer- It is the most painful phase in which the person begins to have the burning sensation. In this period the lesion sinks and tends to deepen.

Scarring – The ulcer disappears without leaving, on many occasions, a scar.

Why are they appearing?

They can appear for various reasons…

  •  Inheritance– People who have this type of affections, frequently it can be for reasons of genes.
  • Immunological factors– The decrease of lymphocytes, presence of VIH or infections.
  •  Psychological Factors– Emotional stress can cause this type of injury to the mouth as stress and other problems tend to have an effect on the immune system.
  • Trauma – Usually caused by toothbrushes, injections, certain foods that may have hard or sharp edges.
  • Nutritional deficits- Certain foods can be the cause of the outbreak of mouth ulcers, as well as a lack of iron, folic acid, or vitamins. Food as, milk, chocolate, crustaceans, flours, cheeses, among others.

How can I cure or prevent ulcers?

There is not really a specific treatment, but if there is presence of these lesions in the mouth is recommended to brush gently and thus avoid the discomfort and worsening of the condition. You can take medication to calm the pain. It is important to avoid hot foods and drinks and to stop eating spicy foods. If the discomfort persists and the appearance of ulcers is more frequent, visit dentists in Tijuana so that the dentist can treat the problem.