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Obesity And Its Relationship With Diabetes

The relationship between obesity and diabetes has been alarming for scientists and doctors to look for an alternative to counteract or slow the acceleration of type 2 mellitus. Among the diseases that lead to excess weight, one of the most worrisome is diabetes because, worldwide, it has the greatest impact on the death rate due to the risk factors caused by this condition, such as heart problems; currently a large percentage of the population has this type of disease, this may be due to different factors. We must remember that obesity is also one of the fastest growing diseases in the world, especially in developed countries.

What is diabetes?

It is an alteration in the body that causes increased blood sugar. When consuming food, the body converts it into glucose and sends it to the blood so that the insulin deposits the glucose towards the cells, when the person has diabetes there are problems in the insulin which causes the accumulation of sugar in the bloodstreams and the lack of glucose deposit in the cells. There are different types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2.

Type 2 diabetes

Contrary to type 1 diabetes, type 2 occurs in adults and sometimes in adolescents. Individuals who have this condition have problems with insulin because it doesn’t work properly, this is known as insulin resistance and this is associated with high levels of triglycerides, high blood pressure, and obesity. When this problem arises, the pancreas produces more insulin to compensate, subsequently affecting insulin production. Many can treat diabetes by eating a healthy diet, taking medications, and taking insulin injections.

There is really no specific cause that explains why type 2 diabetes appears, but there are certain factors that are related to its appearance in the body.

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • Genetic factors
  • High pressure
  • High cholesterol

Obesity is growing year by year, generating in the population various diseases that endanger the lives of those who have this disease. Obesity is associated with changes in diet due to economic growth and the globalization of the food market where prevail those with high percentages of sugar, fat, and calories, by lifestyles that are focused on sedentarism and other causes.

Unfortunately, obesity is not a condition that occurs at a certain age but can arise in children and adults. In Mexico, there are official investigations that determine that the country is number one in childhood obesity and second in adult obesity.

Obesity is related to different diseases as they are:

  • Diabetes
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Heart disease
  • Digestive problems
  • Certain types of cancer.

Practically what causes obesity is a decrease in life expectancy and definitely an affectation in the quality of life since it not only causes physical changes but also psychological problems.  One of the alternatives that exist is to undergo a surgery in which the excess of fat is eliminated; in the field of surgeries there is a diversity of procedures but one of the most effective is bariatric. It is advisable to consult with specialists in this branch for bariatric surgery Tijuana.

It is always important to lead a healthy life that involves a good diet and constant exercise to reduce the risks of diabetes and obesity.

How an IMG Agency Helps Students have the Best US Clinical Experience

If you are an international medical graduate ready to embark on gaining the US clinical experience, you likely have tremendous family support and are excited (and nervous) regarding your entire professional future that waits ahead. That said, you want to make the most of your ability to find the right clinical experience in America that can help advance your career. You are not alone; this is a goal shared by thousands of other IMGs. And due to the highly competitive nature of finding the right medical rotations, students seeking the competitive edge invest in an IMG agency that helps students get the best US clinical experience to further their career.

This article is intended to help medical graduates and their families find the best IMG agency to help them get their ideal US clinical experience and go on to make an amazing life for themselves that all began with customized guidance and a caring support system.

An IMG Agency Takes the Pressure off Students

If you are a medical graduate, you already know about the tremendous amount of pressure that goes into making your family proud, ensuring their financial investment in the IMG agency was a prosperous move to help make you a success, and, IMG agencies help remove all the stressful work that goes into applying for hospital residency programs, getting LORs, and getting the best US clinical experience.

In order to determine what the best US clinical experience is based on your career goals, you need to do a lot of research, make lots of calls, schedule interviews, and this takes tons of time away from responsibilities you have at home and any lose ends that need to be tied before leaving the country to have that US clinical experience necessary to helping you become a top doctor in your desired field.

The best IMG agency will handle all of this for you, with your best interest at heart. They will be your advocate, support system, researcher, and make all the necessary arrangements from placing you in the right residency program at the right hospital, from finding you ideal housing and getting the vital LORs.

The Best IMG Agencies Ensure Your Investment Garners a Huge Return

We already talked about how your family’s investment with ain IMG agency can cause pressure on you because you want to make sure you succeed and their investment and faith in you wasn’t in vain. This is why the best IMG agencies help medical graduates find the right US clinical experience necessary to help them achieve their career goals, be able to support their family down the road and repay them for their generosity, and really just ensure their life’s dream is achievable with a plan that keeps them on track to greatness.

When an IMG agency follows these principals, they help their clients gain the best US clinical experience while supporting them through every step of the journey.  

Foods That Can Cause Cavities

Teeth are one of the parts of our teeth that we have to take care of the most because unfortunately, unlike sharks that lose a tooth and have a row waiting to replace it, we only have a row of teeth, well two if we count the baby teeth when we are children, however when they fall out the permanent teeth and these as their name says are totally permanent and if at any time they fall there is no way we can recover them, at least not naturally.

If we find ourselves in a situation where for some reason we lost a tooth there are treatments that can help us to recover them artificially, such as dental implants, of which there are also different modalities of these and the person has the ability to choose the most convenient. There are also many dental treatments that have as their only purpose the aesthetics of the teeth such as braces, dental veneers, among many other things that can help improve the image of the teeth.

Of course the ideal would be to avoid having any type of problems with our teeth and one of the most recurrent is the cavities. Tooth decay is a hole that forms in the teeth and can grow larger and deeper over time. Tooth decay is caused by tartar, which is a type of sticky substance formed mainly by germs, this tartar along with the acid that manufactures the bacteria that lives in our teeth are responsible for eating the surface layer of teeth, tooth enamel. When cavities are beginning to form it is very important to go to the dentist as soon as possible, otherwise the acid can continue to damage the tooth enamel and the inside of the tooth can deteriorate. Depending on how advanced the cavity is, it is probable that it will be needed from simply removing the cavity to a root canal Tijuana or in the worst case a dental extraction.

Of course, the best thing is always going to be that we avoid even that the cavities form and we avoid the nuisance of having to undergo a dental treatment that can become painful. To avoid dental cavities is necessary to brush our teeth in the proper way daily, besides this, it is also extremely necessary to take care of our diet and avoid at all costs some foods that can cause cavities, and all are reduced to a single:


Sugar is the main cause of cavities and it is important that you know that there are different types of sugars and all these can damage our teeth, among them are the sucrose found in foods such as cakes, soft drinks, sweets, ketchup, among others. Also lactose, fructose and carbohydrates refined with starch, ie foods that are made with refined white flour. White sugar, sodas, sweets, chips, fruit juices and nectars, nuts, sugary cereals, chocolates, smoothies and many others.

It is important that we take care of ourselves and avoid consuming these foods as much as possible in order to avoid damage to our teeth and subsequent problems.

Oral problems

Have you ever felt discomfort inside your mouth?

A burning or pressing sensation in a certain area of the mouth?

If you look at the area where you have discomfort and see a kind of blister, let me tell you that it may be an aphthae, better known as a mouth ulcer. Mouth ulcers appear on the inside of the mouth and can appear on the gums, lips, tongue or cheeks. These mucosal lesions can be caused by a variety of factors.

What are mouth ulcers?

They are erosions that are characterized by having an oval shape, with a yellowish background color and white or reddish surroundings. Normally they don’t exceed 1 cm and are normally classified in three, depending on the size and duration of the lesion.

Minor ulcers – are small and don’t measure more than one centimeter, this type of affections have an approximate duration of one or two weeks and can appear from one to 5 times a year, depending on the reason why they arise. They usually do not appear in the gum area but rather in the lips or the lower part of the tongue, i.e. the base or floor of the mouth.

Major ulcers – are characterized by having a diameter exceeding one centimeter; they are usually deeper and more annoying than minor ulcers. It has an approximate healing time of between 10 days to a month, sometimes can leave a small scar. They often affect the lips and palate.

Herpetiform ulcers – Multiple papulovesicular lesions. They can be cured in 7 days or one month.

Each of the ulcers has three periods:

Vesiculous- With a diameter of 2-5 mm; in its center hardly appears the yellowish color, after the three days already appears an opacity in the affection.

Ulcer- It is the most painful phase in which the person begins to have the burning sensation. In this period the lesion sinks and tends to deepen.

Scarring – The ulcer disappears without leaving, on many occasions, a scar.

Why are they appearing?

They can appear for various reasons…

  •  Inheritance– People who have this type of affections, frequently it can be for reasons of genes.
  • Immunological factors– The decrease of lymphocytes, presence of VIH or infections.
  •  Psychological Factors– Emotional stress can cause this type of injury to the mouth as stress and other problems tend to have an effect on the immune system.
  • Trauma – Usually caused by toothbrushes, injections, certain foods that may have hard or sharp edges.
  • Nutritional deficits- Certain foods can be the cause of the outbreak of mouth ulcers, as well as a lack of iron, folic acid, or vitamins. Food as, milk, chocolate, crustaceans, flours, cheeses, among others.

How can I cure or prevent ulcers?

There is not really a specific treatment, but if there is presence of these lesions in the mouth is recommended to brush gently and thus avoid the discomfort and worsening of the condition. You can take medication to calm the pain. It is important to avoid hot foods and drinks and to stop eating spicy foods. If the discomfort persists and the appearance of ulcers is more frequent, visit dentists in Tijuana so that the dentist can treat the problem.